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Idk what to do with my life, do I really Want to be a business major or do I pursue something else? What Is my calling?!

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I should know better by now wouldn’t you think? But no I never learn!

Yes I wore a Steelers cap why do you think I made that face, lol had fun with the kiddos even though Esai passed out while watching a movie lol
Fucking legit as well #batman #lightsaber #shark

That hair though 😂🙌



If alcohol labels told the truth.



For all Zelda fans out there: the release date of the Zelda Monopoly is September 15th, and GameStop will be selling its exclusive edition.
This edition comes with an Ocarina of Time token, a Hyrule map lithograph, and 6 extra item cards.
You can read the complete product details on GameStop’s online store.